Cheer Clinics:

Join us for an informative, out of season Cheer clinic to practice select cheer skills in a fun new way.  Great for girls who are wondering if cheer is a good fit for them this fall!  New Cheerleaders will develop new skills and returning cheerleaders will stay conditioned and knowledgeable. Please where athletic Clothing (No midriff showing).

 Registration is now open.


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Come join the Hereford Bulls Cheer Program! Not only do we cheer on the Hereford Bulls Football players, but we also create, practice, and refine an amazing  routine to perform at our cheer league competition.  Cheer is a diverse sport offering physical conditioning, as well as social interaction. We believe the the best part of cheerleading is encouraging others to do their best on and off the mat.


This fall season we will, have 1-3 practices a week, cheer for 7-8 games, and perform in at least one competition or showcase! Days and times are outlined below, and are subject to change.  This program is for ages 4-13, as of Jan 1, 2024.



What can you/your cheerleader expect?

Cheer can be anything from game day cheerleading, to the big Competition Day; from fun themed practices, to hardworking extra practice; from cheer clinics to fun team nights out.  This Sport is truly diverse in what it offers!

All of our wonderful VOLUNTEER directors and coaches are trained and welcoming to all cheerleaders.  Each cheer event will have at least one CPR/first aid certified coach.  The program also has many coaches trained in concussion education, cheer safety, and bullying prevention.  


What do we expect from parents/cheerleaders?

Cheer is an exceptional sport where each girl is afforded a place on the mat, THAT NO OTHER CHEERLEADER CAN REPLACE! This means that attendance and commitment to the team are taken seriously, recorded and if needed, adjustments to teams/positions will be made.  OUR LEAGUE COMPETITION IS TENTATIVLY ON NOVEMBER 10th or 17th AND IS MANDATORY FOR ALL CHEERLEADERS.  OUR COMPETITION CHEER TEAMS WILL ALSO PARTICIPATE IN THE SPIRIT OF FALL ON NOV 3rd. 

***For this reason, attendance will be taken at each practice and game.  Any cheerleader on the competition teams that misses more than 2 practices (Unexcused) or 1 game (unexcused) will risk losing their spot on the competition team, and forfeit their registration costs. 

There will be a no tolerance policy on bullying or unsportsmanlike behavior. There is no place for it in cheerleading, and any athlete who displays unsportmanslike behavior will no longer have a place  on our squad.  Coaches will monitor this closely and ask that if any issue arises throughout the season, it be brought to the coach’s attention.

Season Details-

*** Price increases by $50 after on July 1st Sideline Cheer ($200) Competatitve Cheer ($250) Cheer Abilities ($225)


1 Squad 2-4 squads 1 squad
~Practices will be held at one of the Hereford area schools. There will occasionally be observation nights.  All otherpractices will be closed to parents.  No exceptions.

Up to 2/week

1-1.5 hours

2-3, sometimes 4/week

up to 2.5 hours


up to an hour

~There is a Practice uniform policy to which your Cheerleader will be required to adhere. 

One Shirt

One Short

Two Shirts 

Two shorts

One Shirt 

One Short

~Accesories for team sponsored fun-themed practices, like Glow Night.

All supplies Included   All supplies Included  All suppplies Included 



 ID Cards      

~Each Comp.Cheerleader will need to attend one ID Card event.  Two options will be available. Parents will be required to bring nessecary documentation. Details to come. Approximately $30.

Not required  NOT Included  Not Required

~Games will be held at the high school (Home Games) or surrounding area schools/fields (away games).  You will be expected to arrive early and stay the entire game. 

Included Included Included

~Homecoming is a special day to recognize our athletes.  We willl do so bycreating posters, giving out gift bags, and enjoying lunch with team. 

Included Included Included

~Accesories for themed games for Breast Cancer Awareness or Halloween.

Included Included  Included 

~Ona a day to be determined, a photographer will come out to take team, individual and candid photos to be digitally downloaded ($30 value).

Included  Included Included

~SPIRIT OF FALL Competition will be Nov 3rdth.  Location to be determined.

~CCYFCL Competition will be on either Nov 10th or 17th. Location to be determined.



All day event


Few hour event

~Game Day/Competition Uniform are complete will a top, skort, bow... Rented Rented Modified show socks and white cheer shows. Not Included

Not Included

 Not Included
 Show Case (Oct 11th tentatively)      

~A family and friends event to allow cheerleaders to show off their routines.  Spectator Tickets will be sold at minimal cost. Variety of vendor on site.

Inlcuded  Inlcuded Included

 End of Season Party      
~November at Sportmans Hall *Subject to change Included Included   Included

Competition Team Details-

The big Competition Day brings the girls incredible excitement and the opportunity to put all their hard work on the mat.  Please understand that, as mentioned above, there is no replacement for your cheerleader.  Unlike in other sports, there is no bench in cheer.  If your cheerleader misses a practice there will be potentially 29 other cheerleaders that may not be able to practice their parts of the routine.  Absence from practice and games will not be taken lightly, and excused absences will not be given freely.  It is our duty as coaches to the entire team to make sure that they are set up for success and the best way we can do that is to require attendance. 

All cheerleaders will be under observation the first week or so of practice and teams of  competition registered cheerleaders will be decided based on age, skill, prior knowledge, coachability, but ULTIMATELY WILL BE AT THE COACHES DISCRETION.

Prior year’s team placement does not guarantee current year’s team placement. 



Directors- Samantha Frenkil-

Megan Lehman-


Opens May 15th on stone alley.


Connect with us through the following Social Medias

Facebook: (anyone interested in the Cheer Program) 



Join our Band to keep up on all the most recent news about the fall season.

 BAND APP (For Hereford Rec cheerleaders and Parents)



 We are always looking for parent volunteers as well as offer community service learning hours for students.

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